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Insulin Pen Needle

WellFine is insulin disposable pen needle which can use with insulin pen. As we manufacture using automated manufacturing system, it is reliable and safe.

WellFine 31Gauge x (0.25mm)

Recommend for most people
31G(0.25mm) x 5mm
31G(0.25mm) x 6mm
31G(0.25mm) x 8mm

WellFine 32Gauge x (0.23mm)

Recommend for most people
32G(0.23mm) x 4mm
32G(0.23mm) x 5mm
32G(0.23mm) x 6mm

WellFine 34Gauge x 0.18mm

Recommend for people who are sensitive and have a fear of injection.
The thinner needle will minimize the pain you feel everyday.
34G(0.18mm) x 4mm
34G(0.18mm) x 5mm


Model name
Flexpen Novorapid Flexpen Levemir Humulin 70:30
Victoza liraglutide injection Flexpen Novomix Apidra SoloStar
SoloStar Lantus Lantus SoloStar SoloStar Apidra
Novolet RI OptiClik for Lantus and Apidra Novolet NPH
SymlinPen 120 (pramlintideacetate) pen injector Kwik Pen Humalog Kwik Pen Humalog Mix25
Kwik Pen Humalog Mix50 Byetta exenatide injector 10mcg Byetta exenatide injector 5mcg
Novolog FlexPen FlexPen NovoPen Junlor
HumaPen LUXURA HD NovoPen 3 HumaPen MEMOIR
HumaLog KwikPen HumaLog Mix 75/25 KwikPen HumaLog Mix 50/50 KwikPen
Forteo terlparatlde (rDNA origin) In injector HumaLin N Pen Humulin 70/30 Pen
Humulin NPH Novolog Mix 70/30 Auto Pen
HumaLog Pen HumaLog Mix 75/25 Pen HumaLog Mix 50/50 Pen
Table 1. Compatible pen list

Medexel Technological Strength

1. No risk of falling cannula due to excellence adhesive
It is more safe by using adhesive harmless to humans.
2. No risk of bending needle due to strong cannula
Stiffness of cannula is proved by Kinking test. It reduces the risk of bending and diagonal needle.
3. Geometric cut makes easy penetration
MedExel’s geometric cutting skill reduce penetration time to reduce user’s pain.

These graphs show the short penetration time of MedExel, and the moderate silicone coating. All these make patients feel less pain duing the injection.
4. Reduce pain and injection time with thin wall cannula
Thin wall which is thinner than other cannula, the pain and injection time decreased.
1. Remove the sealing foil
2. Disinfect the insulin pen with alcohol swap
3. Connect the needle to insulin pen in a straight line. And screw it on the right.
4. Measure the amount of insulin pen(UNIT) as follow the doctor’s prescription.
5. Remove the external cap and inner cap. Stand the pen with the needle upside. Push a pen little to see if it is blocked.
6. Disinfect the injection site with alcohol swap and inject at an angle of 90°.
7. After injecting cover the external cap, and screw to a left side to remove the needle.

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